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โ€œFinding organic chemistry hard?

Well, learn organic chemistry the way it should be learnt. This interactive book, will allow you to learn reactions with ease, as most reactions and mechanisms are provided in a flashcard-like setup.

Organic chemistry is really only one thing, reactions. If you understand the reactions, know the reagents, and learn the mechanism, you will do well on your exams. Throughout organic chemistry, you mainly learn reactions and mechanisms. You are then tested on that information by synthesizing a product for a reaction, or creating the starting materials from a product (retrosynthesis). It is as if you are learning reactions to put inside your own little toolbox, which you can use to help you complete problems. So, think of the what you learn in organic chemistry as a toolbox. 
This book is your toolbox. This toolbox provides all the reactions you will need. It is provided by topic to act as a review guide as well. The reactions are laid out in a gallery so you can easily swipe from a reaction to a mechanism and test yourself. Sample tests are provided after the toolbox to give you an accurate simulation of an exam. The tests will allow you to test yourself, find your weaknesses, and learn from your mistakes. A handwritten answer key is provided after each test so you can check your answers. A glossary of common organic chemistry terms can be found at the end of this book. Following this book, learning the reactions, and understanding the mechanisms provided will give you the grade you so desire.

Don't waste time, get this book and improve your grade. Get the book that provides you with exactly what you need to know.

The perfect study guide!

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The author's ability to evoke a wide range of emotions through their words is truly remarkable. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the entire book.

The themes of resilience and hope resonated deeply with me. This book taught me valuable life lessons that I'll carry with me for years to come.

I loved the powerful messages hidden within the story. The book tackled important social issues and made me ponder the world we live in. It's a must-read for everyone.

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