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"James Acton: A little bit of Jack Bauer and Indiana Jones!"



The Eastern Roman Empire is weak, its enemies threatening from all sides. The widowed Empress Eudokia, in a desperate attempt to save her empire for her young son to inherit, marries not for love, but duty. Yet who she chooses shocks the empire.

The traitor Romanus Diogenes.

The new emperor sets out to secure the empire, and in the process, makes a discovery so shocking, it calls into question everything Christianity believes, but he dies before he can confirm what he has found.

A thousand years later, what he discovered is found once again, triggering a race to find the truth.

A truth that will rock Christianity forever.

In The Resurrection Tablet, award winning USA Today and million copy bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy delivers a history-twisting thriller that demands to be read in a single sitting. If you enjoy fast-paced adventures in the style of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, and James Rollins, then you'll love this thrilling tale of archaeological intrigue.

Get your copy of The Resurrection Tablet today, and discover the truth about what happened after Christ’s crucifixion…

About the James Acton Thrillers:

★★★★★ "James Acton: A little bit of Jack Bauer and Indiana Jones!"

Though this book is part of the James Acton Thrillers series, it is written as a standalone novel and can be enjoyed without having read any other installments.

★★★★★ "Non-stop action that is impossible to put down."

The James Acton Thrillers series and its spin-offs, the Special Agent Dylan Kane Thrillers and the Delta Force Unleashed Thrillers, have sold over one million copies. If you love non-stop action and intrigue with a healthy dose of humor, try James Acton today!

★★★★★ "A great blend of history and current headlines."

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Readers' opinions about The Resurrection Tablet by J. Robert Kennedy

The themes of resilience and hope resonated deeply with me. This book taught me valuable life lessons that I'll carry with me for years to come.

The themes of resilience and hope resonated deeply with me. This book taught me valuable life lessons that I'll carry with me for years to come.

The world created in this book was unlike anything I've ever encountered. The author's imagination knows no bounds, and I was completely mesmerized by the fantastical setting.

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